5 Keys to Choosing the Right RPO Services for your Business

5 Keys to Choosing the Right RPO Services for your Business

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If you’ve found this than you’ve made your decision and have chosen wisely. Now you’re wondering how you should go about picking an RPO service that suits your needs. That’s great, so let me assist you to speed up the process.

Let’s begin by highlighting the 5 Keys to Choosing the Right RPO Services for your business. Making this decision is not as complicated as everyone makes it out to be. The procedure is similar to the way you make all your decisions but of course with minor tweaks.

Understand the Requirement

In order to gain a complete understanding of your business requirement you need to ask the right questions and get answers to them. Put simply it means you need to analyse important aspects.  Here are a few questions that you ought to get answers to:

  • How many vacancies have been filled in the past 1 to 3 years?
  • At what geographical locations have the vacancies been filled?
  • What were the role specialisations and the salary band of that particular role?
  • When these hires occurred throughout the year and where were the peak hires taking place?
  • Are there any turnovers within the past 12 months and if yes, where, when and why?
  • What the Hiring Manages want to change, improve, stop or start?
  • Do the Hiring Managers expect and changes in the hiring volumes or roles to be recruited in 2 to 3 years?

List out your Requirements

Once you have all these answers then you need to list out exactly what your requirements are right from the location, the type of roles and amount of roles within each specific one. This is important because once you’ve finished preparing your list you’ll need it for the next step.

Prepare a list of RPOs

You then need to prepare a list of RPOs along with their services. Once you have this list you then need to check if the RPOs you have listed out have the services you’re looking for. If not then you need to resume your search of RPO listings. If yes then check if their services will fulfil your requirements.

Short list the services you’d require

Once you’ve narrowed down on your RPOs on the basis of the requirements you then need to check the services they offer to verify if they have what you’re looking for. But remember to make sure you are clear on what the service is all about. This is important to identify if you require that service.

Interacting with the Service Provider

Once you’ve got all this information intact then you need to make a list of all the aspects that you’d like the RPOs to fulfil for you. So when preparing the list you need to switch into the RPOs mode to communicate all your requirements to the RPO service that you’ve selected. This will ensure that you get a clear idea as to what exactly you’ll expect from them

All these aspects if dealt with appropriately will enable you to pick the right RPO service to get the desired results. If you haven’t already implemented the aspects mentioned then you need to utilise them to see for yourself its effects and reap the benefits of your efforts.





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