5 Recruiting Errors to Avoid and how to fix them?

5 Recruiting Errors to Avoid and how to fix them?

11:09 02 August in Blog

Recruitment as a profession has its advantages and disadvantages but the real question is whether the negative aspects outweigh the positive ones.  If the latter is the case then there’s a reason why?

You’ve guessed it right you’re probably doing something wrong and the best way is to identify if you’re making any of these 5 Recruiting Errors to Avoid and how to fix them?

Haven’t Planned Ahead

Most Corporates have a tendency to not plan ahead efficiently therefore they usually have problems with their designs. Some of the problems faced are overspending, inefficiencies where the hiring process results in longer and extended ones, inability to adapt to changing market conditions, decisions are rushed and negative impact on the productivity and success of the organization. To rectify this you need to know exactly what you want and plan effectively. You need to identify your costs, needs and peak times when maximum hires will take place, study the historical data of the company and their past spends.

Employer Branding Insufficient

If your Employer Branding efforts and strategies are insufficient it affects the brand as a whole which in turn impacts potential candidates and their decisions.  Your online presence needs to be treated like Marketing as potential recruits also research Employers like they research appliances before deciding to buy one. In order to fix this you need to clearly state your vision, mission and make sure you have employee stories to improve your branding and use visual aids to get more views.

Candidate feedback and Rejection not appropriately given

Many times when conveying rejection messages we tend to be clumsy and not appropriate, at times we don’t give timely feedback to candidates. All of these aspects together affect the brand too. How you can fix this is simple you need to give timely responses that are personalised as much as possible, make sure you address the rejected candidates in a courteous manner i.e. personalised.

First impressions and trusting them

Falling for the first impressions of the candidate and trusting it can be the root cause of making faulty hires. To get a sense of their personality you need to question them appropriately. This means asking open ended questions will help you determine if the candidates is the right hire.

Avoiding Divers background Recruits

Many Corporates practice this type of hiring due to referrals without realising that it can hinder their growth. While having similar candidates may give you the desired results it limits the level of interactions between co-workers and the ideas received.  Co-workers from similar backgrounds will interact better and help the culture and you’re bound to receive a variety of ideas to help you be the best at what you do.

All of these aspects if focused on will definitely improve the quality of work that you receive and in turn boost the organisations growth. More importantly if you aren’t completely sure about some of these aspects then discussing it with an RPO will definitely help you improve as they are constantly in touch with the latest tools and techniques in the market and the changes within it.


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