Corporate Social Responsibility

At Key Resourcing we believe in and follow our Corporate Social Responsibility as a unit. We fulfil this responsibility with the two pillars i.e. values that are fundamental to our success and exposure. We do this by striving to help those less fortunate than us in need of our assistance or support of any kind in every way we can.

We begin with empathy by Listening to the voices of the less fortunate, we understand, appreciate and meet the needs of these people that are around us as a unit. We believe in Employee Engagement with values through volunteering and transforming experiences.

Our Employees willing gather twice in a year to lend a helping hand, give support and assistance to Charity and selected Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) i.e. Matimand Mulinchi Shaala in Shirur. This experience overwhelms them thus they become better individuals with values that have far reaching effects that helps them grow into better corporate citizens.