manali"I have had a wonderful experience with this company so far. It’s been a mixture of learning and growth. The work culture and the methodology used at Key Resourcing are worth noticing. The best part is the transparency & the encouragement given by the management. The internal development activities take care by each team helps us, as employees, built confidence & take a step forward towards our growth."
Manali Gupta,
Business Development Executive

namrata"My experience with KR is a rollacoster of emotions, Loads of Learning, helpful collegues, cooperative management and smiles all around. KR is special because we never leave each other in our blues and pinks and stand as a family always."
Namrata Wicks,
- Business Development Executive

satish“I have been associated with KR for quite a few years. KR has an amazing work culture. It gives you an opportunity to express yourself, be innovative and new ideas are always appreciated. Along with work there is equal importance given to activities and fun events. Each event, festival, activity is celebrated with great enthusiasm. There is a great scope for internal growth, people who do well are recognized and rewarded.”
Satish Sawant,
Account Manager

ashraf-new“I am working with Key Resourcing (KR) for the last 3 years, I Joined KR as an Admin. I was promoted to a Consultant within a few months. At KR there is great potential to grow as an individual with training available. I enjoy working here as the atmosphere is really good and in general it is a nice place to work.”
Ashraf Mokashi,
Sr. Research Consultant

mqI am glad to have joined Key Resourcing as I’ve become an integral part of Key Resourcing. It has a friendly environment and all the employees are comfortable with their Job Profile. At Key Resourcing its employees behave as a single family and each one gives a 100% result as it enables the growth of the company. As an integral part of Key Resourcing I look forward to contribute more to see greater heights and prosperity in the years to come
Maqbool Nabisaheb Shaikh,
Sr. E-Recruitment Specialist

I'm associated with KR since 6 years. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth, offers opportunities for advancement, have amazing activities and fun events. I truly appreciate all that I have learned from my seniors, colleagues and I'm very proud to be a part of KR.
Sheetal Devarde,
Head of Course Admin

bala“I’ve been working with Key Resourcing from the past 6 years and I was fortunate to seen many ups and downs in my tenure but the one good thing that has never changed since the company’s establishment  is our culture. When asked what I felt about the company; I will simply say that it’s a home away from home for me.”
Balmurgan Devar,
Sr. E-Recruitment Specialist