Collection Of Correct Data For Better Recruitment Practices

Collection Of Correct Data For Better Recruitment Practices

12:19 10 December in Blog, Sourcing Services

Every Human Resources department tries to create a database that is relevant, meets all company standards and has a collection of experienced candidates that can fill the required positions. In order to create such an extensive database they need to collect the right information that will help them place a candidate in the needed position.

To do this task, the question that is most often asked by a recruiter to a possible candidate is, “Where did you hear about our company?” But is it enough to just ask such questions? Does it get correct responses? And more importantly does it solve the purpose? In order to get correct responses and data for better placement practices, use the following techniques:

  1. Ask specific questions – Instead of asking a general question like “Where did you hear about our company?” try getting more specific. Instead, ask “How did you first hear about us?” This will help you collect more accurate data rather than a vague answer.
  2. Confirm – Even though the candidate has answered your question that is vital to the company, don’t forget to ask again. You ask again in another way at the end of the conversation. This will help you get a confirmation and you can change your recordings accordingly.
  3. Record all basics – The basic questions like age, gender, etc. are the most important as they give you the demographic of your candidates and help you choose them according to the required position.

These simple steps can help you collect the correct data that will in turn help you with recruiting the right candidates and filling in the positions.

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