Difference between RPOs of Small Businesses and Large Enterprises

Difference between RPOs of Small Businesses and Large Enterprises

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The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a sure way to full fill your organisations Staffing needs rapidly. Whether your hiring needs are small or you’re looking for volume hires RPOs are perfect for all types of hires such as contract, contract-to-hire, full-time and part time requirements across various Industries.
After having said that can there be any difference between RPOs of Small businesses and Large Enterprises? As you might have guessed, there are differences between the two and that’s what will be highlighted as you proceed to read.

Differing needs require different solutions

When it comes to filling up positions in small businesses these companies usually have a clear idea about the kind of candidates they are looking for. These companies are usually pressed for time but don’t mind going that extra mile to get the desired candidates. On the other hand Large Enterprises leave it up to Managers and Supervisors to get candidates for the open positions.

Budget sizes differ

Small Businesses generally operate on low budgets and accordingly target candidates that will fit in to the budget. The Industry norms falls expensive to such organisations that are forced to fit talented candidates within such payrolls and getting them on board isn’t easy. Unlike large enterprises that have the resources to meet the Industry norms which are usually inexpensive to them but also function on a budget. With a reasonable budget to work with getting talented candidates on board simplifies the task.

Time frames are different

Smaller Businesses are forced to meet the requirements within short time frames and the individuals responsible for hires are important personnel’s like decision makers and CEOs whose main focus is mainly on the growth of the business and improving profit margins. Hence they are required to fill vacant positions fast. Large Enterprises usually wait for 2 to 3 months before making a hire and can afford to extend the selection process, have endless interviews and follow ups .

Focus areas change

Small Businesses require a quick turnaround time, with affordable pricing and a clear understanding of the positions that need to be filled hence RPOs should focus on these aspects when dealing with Small businesses. But for Large Enterprises their main focus is on quality of candidates, flexible staffing solutions, a 360-degree interviewing process that includes behaviour and personality analysis, has recruitment audits, applicant tracking etc. Hence RPOs should focus on these aspects when recruiting for these types of firms.
So if you’re looking for an RPO that will assist you in your hiring process make sure you mention these aspects to the RPO and the same goes for RPOs offering such services as these are the aspects that need to be your focus centre. If you follow all of these aspects you are sure to get more cliental satisfaction as you offer something different from the rest.


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