How to Choose an RPO Service Provider?

How to Choose an RPO Service Provider?

06:56 09 January in Blog

If you’re a Recruiter your constantly in need of Talented Candidates especially since there are vacancies mushrooming. You’ve just finished one and there comes another four more and let’s not talk about the volume of hires required for that particular profile.
Given this situation I bet you’re looking for an answer to your Recruitment troubles? And not just a temporary one but one that’s a permanent solution. In the past your solutions have worked but do they help now or are you constantly running out of time or are those KRAs eating you up? If the answer is yes then it’s time for a change and your permanent solution is an RPO.
Since we’ve established that an RPO is the way to go then the next question is How to choose an RPO Service Provider? Sounds simple enough, but is it really? Let’s find out.

Form Goals

Before you go looking for an RPO Service Provider it is important to chart out your goals right to the minute details that you find important. Be sure to set realistic goals and be open to your goals being unrealistic. Once you’ve got your goals in place run it by your colleagues to see if you’ve missed or you need to add or remove something and to check if your goals are unrealistic. But most importantly make sure you run it by your RPO Service Provider to be sure that the goals are realistic to them.

Have Internal Support

While you interact with the RPO service Provider you also need to keep your colleagues updated about the changes or the discussions that are taking place and make sure they are on the same page with your decisions. Most importantly if there are other profiles you’re looking for then keep them informed about the changes as well.

Jot down Recruitment needs

Be sure to jot down all the requirements, be it a small, medium or large organization for which you’re looking for Talented Candidates. No matter how unimportant the requirement may seem make a note of it nonetheless. Details like the type of candidates required for different positions for instance full time employees, part-time employees, work-from-home hires, consultants, trainees, volunteers etc. You also need to make sure you define the job titles, scope of responsibilities, remuneration, exempt/non-exempt, location and the number of employees required for each position clearly.
Prepare a list of RPOs with their services
Finding an RPO is easy, simply do a search and you’ll get an exhaustive list of RPOs to choose from but finding the right one that suits your needs i.e. tricky; unless you’ve got the right tools. Well listing out the RPOs is one step, the next and probably the most important is researching on them to find out important information like their experience in your profile, the skills and tools used by them and how they approach strict deadlines. In addition to this you need to check the customer reviews or references if they have any and it’s always helpful to talk to someone who has already worked with that company if possible.

Communicate your requirements effectively

None of the points mentioned above matters if you don’t convey your requirements effectively to the RPO selected. If you think mentioning the current recruitment problems you’re facing or the cost you would like to spend on recruitment are not important, then you’re wrong. These are probably aspects to be mentioned because the more information you can give them the clear they’ll be in their task and give you the right Candidates.
Well there you have all the information you’ll require to make the right choice of an RPO and make sure you follow all these aspects to achieve the maximum results and improve your professional relationship altogether.

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