Next In Recruiting – Mobile Technology

Next In Recruiting – Mobile Technology

10:25 04 December in Blog, Recruitment, Recruitment India, Recruitment Tips

The use of social media sites and emails are now commonplace for the recruitment department. But the next big thing that is not slowly emerging is the use of mobile technology to employ people! These days everybody has a mobile phone and everybody is accessible at all times due to it.

People are likely to check a text message received by them within 4 minutes as opposed to their email which is an average of 48 hours. Studies show that by 2015 the use of mobiles for internet browsing will surpass the use of computers and that 1 out of every 5 candidates are now using  mobiles to search for jobs.

This very logic is what has brought on the new era of mobile recruiting. Here are some ways that you can use mobile technology for recruitment:

  1. Mobile applications – with the rise of smart phones, the need for downloading apps has increased greatly. So if you have an app for your company where candidates can track your recruitment requirements and activities, it can help you gain more candidates.
  2. QR code – A QR code can be scanned with any smart phone and such codes lead to a website link that can be your recruitment page. These codes are helpful because they are not time consuming and are a great way to create awareness at career fairs and events.
  3. Mobile video – 13% of all viewers on YouTube are mobile users and for this reason you should make short videos describing your line of work to attract candidates. You can make videos on ‘A day at the office’ or ‘What it’s like at our office’.
  4. Mobile accessible website – You also need to make sure that your website is compatible with mobiles and open easily on them, otherwise you will lose almost 20% of the candidates.

The opportunities of recruiting with a mobile are endless, and with the right tools and techniques it can be inexpensive and extremely effective.

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