Telephone Sourcing

Out of 70 million active employees in today’s workforce, (% or any number) are not easily identifiable by traditional sourcing methods. Through “Telephone Sourcing” recruitment professionals gain access to passive candidates that are directly sourced from competitors and from companies within a similar industry. Instead of the usual “you find us” method used by the majority of recruiters “telephone generation or telephone sourcing” identifies an untapped pool of candidates using the “we’ll find you” method.

We find talent right from staff level to senior level. Our challenges lie in intense research, identifying the companies where the talent is hidden and then extracting them for you. Our telephone sourcing service specializes in providing passive candidates directly sourced from targeted companies. These contacts are sourced using telephone generation techniques.

We don’t use portals or other networking sites where everyone has an access to. Our database consists of a highly rich database which is collected only by headhunting.