With over eight years of experience and exploration within internet recruitment, we offer a range of internet recruitment specific training solutions, created to meet the demands of recruitment professionals. Our approach to training is modern, vibrant and fresh. We work with you, in partnership, to make the Internet Recruitment Course relevant, engaging, actionable and enjoyable to learn.
Course Description

The course focuses on innovative methods of applicant search, screening and steps in the selection process that conform to industry requirements. In this course, students will learn internet sourcing, screening, and analysis techniques.

Course Module

Online Candidate Sourcing This module covers the breadth of candidate generation using the internet. From using Job Board/CV databases, Google, advanced search engine usage techniques, filetype searches to searching blogs, and other business networking sites.

Advert Posting

When you write a Job Advert, are you thinking like a candidate? This module teaches you how to write a Job Advert copy and manipulate keywords to attract candidates who could otherwise be heading towards your competition.


How to get the best out of social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook.

Tools and Techniques

Learn WHAT and WHERE to use, to find the latest and most effective internet resources to locate candidates you have only dreamed about. By using our search techniques, turn your internet searching skills into a science.

Whether you are a small independent business in need of urgent help, a medium size firm looking to attract and keep higher caliber staff, a large group in need of outside expertise to complement your resources, or a management college in need of new syllabus for the human resource or personnel management students, you are on the right place.