Out of 70 million active employees in today’s workforce, (% or any number) are not easily identifiable by traditional sourcing methods. Through “Telephone Sourcing” recruitment professionals gain access to passive candidates that are directly sourced from competitors and from companies within a similar industry. Instead of the usual “you find us” method used by the majority of recruiters “telephone generation or telephone sourcing” identifies an untapped pool of candidates using the “we’ll find you” method.

We find talent right from staff level to senior level. Our challenges lie in intense research, identifying the companies where the talent is hidden and then extracting them for you. Our telephone sourcing service specializes in providing passive candidates directly sourced from targeted companies. These contacts are sourced using telephone generation techniques.

We don’t use portals or other networking sites where everyone has an access to. Our database consists of a highly rich database which is collected only by headhunting.

Our team of expert Sourcers source CVs from multiple leading Job Boards of active candidates to exactly match Job requirements provided by clients. Your dedicated Sourcer will source candidates from a set of Job Boards, internal candidate databases as well as the Internet to find both active and passive CVs that meet your specific job requirements.
Why Outsource CV Sourcing
Searching multiple job board resume database subscriptions, your internal candidate database and Passive candidates are of the most time consuming candidate generation activities undertaken by recruiters. This allows recruiters to focus on higher value or more strategic recruiting activities such as candidate networking, interviewing and client interaction.

Around-the-clock utilization of job board subscriptions for maximized return on expenditure.
Expert Boolean string development for improved CV search results.
24×7 searching of job boards ATS’s databases, search engines and deep web to increase speed and candidate yield.
Your recruiting function grows without increasing head count.

Data Processing
The administrative and secretarial functions supporting a recruitment operation are vital but often a burden on department staff and bottom-line. The average recruiter spends over 40% of his time on low-value functions such as processing of inbound resumes. With a well equipped, trained manpower, we can assist you in these functions, enabling the front-office team to focus on their core functions.
Advertisement Response Management

  • Advertisement response management.
  • Candidate reactivation.
  • Database management.
  • Data entry and de-duplication.
  • Advertise Response Management

  • Placing advertisements in the media.
  • Filtering the mails.
  • Categorizing CVs against each Job Order (JO).
  • Sending the candidates acknowledgement mail.
  • Forwarding the right fit CVs to the client.
  • Candidate Reactivation
    Candidate reactivation service involves validating and updating the database. This is done by connecting with candidates in the database and checking their interest in job opportunities. This helps activate dormant CVs.

    Database Management
    We manage your database categorizing CVs based on the function, skill sets, industrial vertical, experience, education, and personal details. We also update the database providing up to date information to consultants. This process ensures eradication of duplicate records which results in a crisp and accurate database.

    Data Entry And De-duplication
    Our process associates handle the data entry and update the data to ensure that our clients always have access to up to date information. Data verification is done to ensure there is no duplication of any information in the database.

    There is always first impression is last impression, Format of resume is first impression to the interviewer. We format resume in standard format and make resume impressive. We have been highly appreciated by all our clients for the accuracy our speedy resume processing services.

    We format resume to improve visibility of all the section easily and quickly without making any changes or improvement in resume layout strategy, section order or content placement.

    A well-formatted resume gives you a strong advantage in this competitive market. This supporting function is vital however it is often a burden on the department staff and bottom line.

    With over eight years of experience and exploration within internet recruitment, we offer a range of internet recruitment specific training solutions, created to meet the demands of recruitment professionals. Our approach to training is modern, vibrant and fresh. We work with you, in partnership, to make the Internet Recruitment Course relevant, engaging, actionable and enjoyable to learn.
    Course Description
    The course focuses on innovative methods of applicant search, screening and steps in the selection process that conform to industry requirements. In this course, students will learn internet sourcing, screening, and analysis techniques.
    Course Module
    Online Candidate Sourcing This module covers the breadth of candidate generation using the internet. From using Job Board/CV databases, Google, advanced search engine usage techniques, filetype searches to searching blogs, and other business networking sites.
    Advert Posting
    When you write a Job Advert, are you thinking like a candidate? This module teaches you how to write a Job Advert copy and manipulate keywords to attract candidates who could otherwise be heading towards your competition.
    How to get the best out of social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook.
    Tools and Techniques
    Learn WHAT and WHERE to use, to find the latest and most effective internet resources to locate candidates you have only dreamed about. By using our search techniques, turn your internet searching skills into a science.
    Whether you are a small independent business in need of urgent help, a medium size firm looking to attract and keep higher caliber staff, a large group in need of outside expertise to complement your resources, or a management college in need of new syllabus for the human resource or personnel management students, you are on the right place.