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With over eight years of experience and exploration within internet recruitment, we offer a range of internet recruitment specific training solutions, created to meet the demands of recruitment professionals. Our approach to training is modern, vibrant and fresh. We work with you, in partnership, to...

Data Processing

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Data Processing The administrative and secretarial functions supporting a recruitment operation are vital but often a burden on department staff and bottom-line. The average recruiter spends over 40% of his time on low-value functions such as processing of inbound resumes. With a well equipped, trained manpower,...

CV Sourcing

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Our team of expert Sourcers source CVs from multiple leading Job Boards of active candidates to exactly match Job requirements provided by clients. Your dedicated Sourcer will source candidates from a set of Job Boards, internal candidate databases as well as the Internet to find...

CV Processing

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There is always first impression is last impression, Format of resume is first impression to the interviewer. We format resume in standard format and make resume impressive. We have been highly appreciated by all our clients for the accuracy our speedy resume processing services. We format...

Telephone Sourcing

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Out of 70 million active employees in today’s workforce, (% or any number) are not easily identifiable by traditional sourcing methods. Through “Telephone Sourcing” recruitment professionals gain access to passive candidates that are directly sourced from competitors and from companies within a similar industry. Instead...