What to Look for when Selecting an RPO Service?

What to Look for when Selecting an RPO Service?

04:55 06 February in Blog

We’re familiar with RPOs and most Employers are now seeking out RPO services to meet all of their requirements. Most of them share the opinion that when it comes to volume hires outsourcing the requirements to a third party speeds up the process and helps you gain talented candidates in the process.
While all of these aspects make valid points but when it comes to selecting an RPO Service that works for them many of them end up with bad choices. Even if they know what exactly they want and have a plan in place. They don’t research enough and land up with poor choices that aren’t working for them.
The reason being they lack the foresight, knowledge and patience that is required to make a good decision. Therefore it is important to know what to look for when selecting an RPO Service? Hence here are 10 aspects you ought to consider to ensure that your decision is a good one.

Volume Hires

If you’re looking to make high volume hires be sure of the amount. Once you’ve narrowed down on that then you need to check if the RPO you’re looking to use has previous experience in volume hires and what were the volume hire projects they took on. This will give you a fair idea of their capability and whether or not they will serve your needs effectively.

Industry wise hires

While the online market is flooding with RPOs giving you a wide range of Companies to choose from not all of them are good for your Industry hires. To know whether the RPO of choice is able to give you the desired results you need to check their track record of the Industries they have hired for. This will give you an idea of their success in the Industries they have taken up.

Department wise hires

If you’re looking to hire for sales, marketing and the HR department then you need to look for an RPO that has made similar hires in the past. This will help you gauge whether the RPO is capable of giving you the desired results.

Hiring Types

Generally most RPOs are usually able to provide results for different types of hires right from contract, contract-to-hire, full-time and part time as well irrespective of the industry. Although the Industry they hire for does have a bearing on its capabilities to achieving the desired results.

Country Hires

While most RPOs generally are great options for most countries but then again you need to take a look at their track record. Most importantly don’t think for one second that if you’re targeting candidates from Shanghai or a Russian based firm looking to establish an American presence are done by most RPOs. For RPOs finding such candidates can be a bit of a task hence finding RPO’s for such requirements will be tough. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for USA or UK candidates then that won’t pose a problem as most RPOs do Source such candidates.

Likeability of the chosen firm

Even though finding an RPO that is suited to your requirements is important you also need to focus on the kind of relationship you’ll like to cultivate with the organisation. Put simply the likeability factor with the organisation is more important. If you like the people you’re interacting or working with both these aspects helps improve the relationship and makes is easier to do business transactions.
In order to get the right RPO that is best suited to your requirements be sure to follow all the aspects outlined above and paying careful attention to important aspects can simplify the task. If you have some more aspects that you’d like to add please leave your views in the comments section and we’ll include them in our next blog post.


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